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Although it’s important to have pavement swept regularly, it must be done by the correct type of sweeper, run by an experienced operator and at the correct speed and frequency.


Although it’s essential to have pavement swept regularly, it must be done by the correct type of sweeper, run by an experienced operator, and at the right speed and frequency. Without the right team behind the wheel, there’s the risk of accidents, injuries, and other setbacks along the way. 

Why Is Street Sweeping So Important?

It’s the responsibility of the state agency or municipality to keep the streets clean. For that, they need reliable street sweeping services. This service handles all the necessary aspects of cleaning roads, parking lots, construction sites, and more by removing hazardous materials and making the roads safer for users.

Cyclists and drivers owe a lot to street sweeping companies, as their work keeps glass and metals off the roads. Therefore, users can maneuver across highways and streets without worrying about the safety of their tires. 

How Do Street Sweepers Work? 

Street sweepers are machines designed to remove debris, trash, dirt, sand, and other roadway pollutants. Highway cleaner trucks and sweepers use two powerful engines to complete the task. One powers the sweeper to move across the road. The other engine powers the circular broom heads. 

These broom heads use constant air suction for faster performance unmatched by any other piece of machinery. They are located in the middle of the machine, allowing them to remove the already wet debris and dirt easily. 

While the truck keeps moving, the broom heads and other mechanical parts compact all the residue to be easily removed.

Our entire sweeper fleet is equipped with global positioning systems

Star Cleaning USA is proud to offer a GPS-equipped sweeper fleet. This ensures we have the ability to show where our sweepers are/were at any given time. This can be invaluable in the event of citizen complaints, potential liability situations and much more. To see the many other reasons why GPS has become such a critical requirement for parking area sweeping, please access our handout on GPS using the link shown at the bottom of this page.

Star Cleaning USA is very experienced in all phases of municipal street sweeping and construction sweeping, including millings. We also offer a GPS-equipped sweeper fleet dedicated to parking area sweeping

sweeper fleet
sweeper fleet

Please let us know how we may assist you by requesting a FREE professional assessment from our management team. We’ll be glad to help you in any way we can.

Why Is Construction and Roadway Sweeping Necessary?

Why Is Construction and Roadway Sweeping Necessary?

Power sweeping is considered a best management practice (BMP) under the EPA Clean Water Act and Clean Air Act. The machines used for this type of sweeping are designed to have minimal impacts on the environment. 

Street and construction site sweeping is recognized for offering a host of important health, safety and environmental benefits. It can protect the environment by removing any pollutants and debris produced by construction sites. Furthermore, it can keep roadways and worksites safe for drivers and pedestrians. 


roadway sweep
roadway sweep
roadway sweep

Here are some of the major reasons why maintaining a regular frequency of municipal sweeping, as well as mandating a rigorous level of sweeping on construction sites, is more important than ever before:

  • Sweeping was started in the early 1900s for ‘cosmetic’ reasons. Today, materials on the street have a much higher potential for being hazardous than ever before. Health issues from fugitive dust are responsible for over 1 million cases of asthma per year.
  • Studies show that air sweepers and broom sweepers can pick up pollutants at the cost of less than $5 and $10 per pound, respectively. In contrast, a study by CalTrans showed that capturing pollutants in the run-off stream averages a whopping $35 per pound. That doesn’t include the cost of the real estate needed for most end-of-the-pipe retrofits.
  • PM10-compliant street sweeping is a recognized best management practice (BMP) for construction and community compliance with the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Phase II stormwater run-off program.
  • When roadway debris is kept cleaned up, citizens take more pride in ownership of their locale and tend to throw less litter from their vehicles.
  • Weekly sweeping and cleaning are proven to maintain particulate compliance. It can reduce suspended solids in downstream receiving waters by more than 75% (Source: EPA 832-F-99).
  • Unswept roads can become slippery, leading to an increase in accidents. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to remove sand, grit, and other debris from the roads. 
  • Sand and other debris are abrasive materials that will shorten the life of the pavement. It means you’ll need to do maintenance and resealing more often, which will increase your overall budget. 
  • Having a regular sweeping program enhances community pride and perceived quality of life. It also has health and safety implications.
  • Food-source trash can attract rodents and other disease-carrying animals. To prevent the spread of these pests, you need to keep your roads clean and free from food and litter. 

Street Sweeping and Parking Lot Cleaners: Resources

We are sweeper experts, and our equipment is always kept at top manufacturers’ specifications. Our team is continually trained in the latest sweeping technologies and practices. They are expert sweepers, not just truck drivers that sweep now and then. Thanks to this diligent training, they can use their time and equipment efficiently, reducing the overall cost of operation. 

Cost of Street Sweeping Programs 

Do you know what your current sweeping program costs your organization? Miami Beach street sweepers and New Braunfels street cleaners can be expensive, especially if you are not aware of the average cost in your area. 

If you don’t know the cost of your sweeping program, we offer two handouts designed to assist you in determining your current sweeping costs. In PDF file format, these will help you to calculate either your current sweeping costs per curb mile or costs per hour.

Choose the Best Sweeping Service for your needs in Florida with Star Cleaning USA

Perhaps best of all, when you choose Star Cleaning USA, there is something you get at no extra charge: peace of mind. If you want the best Miami, New Braunfels, or the entire state of Florida street sweeping team, we have got you covered in Florida! 

Perhaps best of all, when you choose Star Cleaning USA, there is something you get at no extra charge: peace of mind. If you want the best Miami, and the entire state of Florida street sweeping team, we have got you covered in Florida!

To learn more about the many benefits of having Star Cleaning USA as your power sweeping company send us an email: or give us a call at Toll-Free at 866-793-3727