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Miami, FL has long enjoyed a reputation as one of America’s most attractive and glamorous cities, visited by millions of tourists around the globe every year. But making sure that “Magic City” stays clean and beautiful is a never-ending task. Like all major metropolitan cities, Miami is a busy town with around-the-clock activity. This means that public areas like highways, streets, and parking lots can become very dirty in a short period of time as a variety of debris is continually deposited on these driving surfaces.

What can be done about all this dirt and trash? You need a Miami sweeping service contractor with the equipment and the expertise to handle a wide range of cleanup tasks, from basic street washing services to power sweeping shopping mall parking lots. That’s what you get with Star Cleaning USA.

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With over 25 years’ experience in South Florida, we’re trusted by many local municipalities and private businesses that need detailed street sweeping and related services.

Benefits of Our Street Washing Services in Miami

There are several good reasons to regularly clean up streets and other areas with heavy vehicular traffic:

  • Safety – Debris on roads can lead to accidents by puncturing tires or forcing vehicles to swerve at high speeds. Regular sweeping can go a long way toward keeping motorists safe.
  • Reduced maintenance – Dirt and pollutants increase the rate in which driving surfaces deteriorate and require repaving. Clearing out this debris reduces maintenance costs as well as negative impact on the environment.
  • Appearance – Nice-looking roads appeal to everyone—especially tourists who contribute billions to the economy of Miami.

Star Cleaning USA’s local street sweeping personnel are experts at cleaning highways, residential streets, and other Miami roadways with motor traffic. We use an up-to-date GPS-equipped sweeper fleet that can pick up just about anything rapidly and efficiently. Furthermore, our sweeping vehicle drivers are specially trained at operating these trucks in an optimal manner. That’s why we’re the region’s number-one business for Miami municipal street sweeping, road construction sweeping, and similar cleanup jobs.

Other Cleaning Services

In addition to our Miami street sweeping service, we can clean a variety of other environments as well. Our cleaning expertise includes the following:

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Parking lot sweeping – An unclean parking lot with litter and pollutants everywhere will repel potential visitors to your site while at the same time attracting disease-carrying vermin. Let our Miami parking lot cleanup pros help. Our GPS-enabled vehicles are excellent at sweeping parking lots quickly and removing debris that can pose a safety hazard and damage your pavement. We are available for one-time projects and ongoing cleanup according to your schedule.

Cleaning construction sites – Proper cleanup on a construction site is vital after a project has been completed. It can also be helpful to clean out sites while the project is still in progress, as uncontrolled debris can damage machinery and endanger workers. The best strategy is to leave these tasks to a company with years of experience, like Star Cleaning USA. No matter what kind of construction site you’re managing in the Miami region, you can rely on us to get rid of waste materials quickly.

Milling services – Exclusive to our customers in the South Florida region, we offer cleanup services for milling and paving contractors. Our top-of-the-line trucks will remove rock, debris, and gravel from the road(s) under your supervision, quickly and safely.

Cleanup for special events – Festivals, carnivals, and concerts tend to get messy as attendees usually leave a lot of trash behind. Failure to clean up all that junk can lead to serious fines and other penalties from the local government. Rather than trying to do it yourself, you can just leave it to Star Cleaning USA, seasoned providers of Miami event cleanup services. With our cleaning equipment, we can get the job done quicker than anyone, so you can be sure of meeting your deadline.

Crash attenuator truck rental – Need to ensure the safety of your own cleanup team? You can rent high-quality crash attenuator trucks from Star Cleaning USA. These tough machines are designed to withstand even high-impact crashes from motor vehicles, and they’re outfitted with traffic arrow boards for visibility after dark.

Finally, we provide storm drain cleaning, steam cleaning (for garages, sidewalks, and similar areas), and property inspections to our municipal and commercial clients throughout the city of Miami.

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Our decades of experience make us the ideal company for your municipal street cleaning, parking lot sweeping, special event cleanup, or similar project. Founded in 1993, we have facilities in southern Florida as well as Texas, and we continue to expand. We proudly serve commercial and municipal clients located in the City of Miami and throughout Miami-Dade County, including the communities of Miami Beach, Coral Gables, Key Biscayne, Gladeview, Miami Shores, Coral Terrace, and Westchester.

To get in touch, call us toll-free at 866-454-1733. A free needs assessment is available: We’ll visit your site to perform an analysis and determine which services you need for best results.