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12054 NW 98th Avenue, Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Star Cleaning USA, Inc. was founded in 1993 with our headquarters in South Florida.

Today we have Florida-based facilities in the Tampa and Miami areas.

Roadway, Lot, and Event Sweeping and Cleanup Available When Needed

My name is Enrique Gonzalez, President of Star Cleaning, USA, Inc. I invite you to learn more about our company – and the quality services we offer – by exploring our website.

At Star Cleaning, USA, Inc., we pride ourselves in always going that extra mile for our customers and credit our success to our strong commitment and total customer satisfaction. Our team is here to help.

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. We’d love to hear from you. You’ll find that we encourage feedback from our customers on every aspect of our business, this emphasis has helped us to continually improve.

You can always count on Star Cleaning USA. We will have the answers you need and will always have the right sweeper for the job on every one of our customers’ projects.

We utilize a fleet of late model, state-of-the-art air and mechanical broom sweepers. Their incredible quality of sweeping — especially at the hands of our seasoned operators — are critical components of our commitment to being the best sweeping company in our service region of Florida and South Carolina.

Our whole fleet is radio-dispatched to ensure immediate response to customers’ needs.

When you choose Star Cleaning USA to handle your pavement cleaning needs, you will become one of a select group — those who will accept nothing less than the best in sweeping services. Service excellence is both our commitment and our market advantage.

Another advantage to our customers is that we have an in-house shop and mechanical team to keep our equipment running like new. If it is important that you have a contractor whose equipment is kept in excellent condition, Star Cleaning USA should be your top choice.

Although we may not be the cheapest, you will find our services to be the most cost-effective in the long-term. That’s why so many of the premiere communities throughout our service area have chosen Star Cleaning USA, Inc. as their contractor of choice.

Star Cleaning USA is the company you need when you want your property to look the very best. You will have the peace of mind of knowing your street or parking area has been cleaned by the best equipment, run by skilled, trained operators.

There’s no question about if your job was completed correctly, either. All of our sweepers are GPS-equipped for your safety. In case there is ever a question about when we were on your property cleaning, our route times and a ‘map’ of the time we were there is available by request. This can be invaluable in heading off lawsuits, as well as to mitigate other factors.

Star Cleaning USA offers an unmatched level of service and a schedule you can count on. Call us today, or let us know your needs via our Contact Us link. You’ll be glad you did!

Need heavy duty broom sweeping? We have the best, with our Elgin Eagle mechanical broom fleet. Don’t know what type of sweeper would be best for your project? No problem! Our experienced management team can work with you to determine the best mix of sweeper models and types for your particular need.

Service Excellence

We started by providing a group of very discerning communities in Florida’s Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties with top quality services. We learned early on how important it was for us to operate such that our clients knew they can trust completely in the services we provide. Because of our experience, knowledge and the trust we have developed with our customers, much of our work is done without direct customer supervision.

Our strong service record has allowed us to expand to become a sweeping power throughout Florida.

Our customers expect a clean environment and a high level of service, and our goal is customer satisfaction, so we are in perfect harmony with them in that matter. Star Cleaning USA provides the same quality services and guarantees satisfaction to all our customers, large and small. All customers are important to us. Specifying Star Cleaning, Inc. is your best way to ensure that you have a clean, attractive and safe site.

Our customers know that regular sweeping services prolong the life of their pavement, and if the outside is kept clean, the interior of the building will stay cleaner, which in turn reduces the interior maintenance costs. We provide aid in reducing the chance of “slip and fall” accidents, as well as remove the rocks and other debris which damage pavement and can lead to costly pavement repairs.

In addition, the sweeping business is becoming increasingly important from the standpoints of health, safety and environment. That’s why at Star Cleaning USA, we place emphasis on ongoing education about the best ways to perform the work we do.

You’ll find that our years of experience, industry expertise and efficient service will ensure that you receive only the best. Our ongoing mission of striving for excellence is the reason our many customers have chosen to use Star Cleaning USA.

Our late model equipment is well maintained, and our experienced operators are ready to provide excellent work and service — we guarantee it.


Every Star Cleaning USA customer is provided with excellent service all the time. We always perform our agreed-upon service routine. When we say, “we will,” you can count on it 100% of the time.

At Star Cleaning USA, we provide an experienced team with many years of experience and we use a wide variety of sweeper makes and models to achieve excellence. You may be assured that we have the right sweeper available for every type of sweeping need. From a small parking lot under garage to municipal, construction site and milling sweeping, all sweeping operations can be performed by Star Cleaning USA. You can can count on our services in the event of emergency spills or the regular scheduled route we are agreed on, this brings to our customers a peace of mind.

Detailed Work Product

We provide customers with a complete job proposal prior to sweeping the property, this includes a schedule of service based upon your particular needs in keeping your property clean.

Complimentary Professional Needs Assessment

When you call Star Cleaning USA, one of our trained representatives will meet with you on the job site to discuss your exact pavement cleaning needs. They will listen to what you have in mind, as well as offer ideas based upon their background and knowledge of pavement maintenance. In effect, you will benefit from the many years of combined experience we can bring you about how sweeping schedules are best developed, both locally and given national trends.

You can be assured that once a particular level of service has been agreed upon Star Cleaning USA will provide you with excellence service that meets or exceeds your expectations. We will be there on schedule and do the type of job you want, each time, every time. Our goal, your satisfaction.

Satisfied Customers

At Star Cleaning USA we’ll be pleased to do what it takes to ensure that every customer is a happy customer. We believe that the best advertising is the recommendation by word of mouth, by far the least expensive and most credible way to expand our business.

When you choose Star Cleaning USA there is something you get at no extra charge: peace of mind.

To learn more about the many benefits of having Star Cleaning USA as your power sweeping company send us an email:
or give us a call at 954-680-7827; or toll-free at 866-793-3727.

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