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Truck With Traffic Arrow Board and Crash Attenuator

A crash attenuator truck, or safety truck, is designed to withstand the impact of a crash. These machines are used to keep street clean-up teams safe while removing debris from the roads. This attenuator is also suitable for road maintenance, keeping your workers safe as they perform their jobs.

These trucks come with traffic arrow boards and lights to warn drivers of their presence when used during the night. Conveniently, the control panels of these machines are located right inside the truck’s cab, meaning they can be configured as needed without putting your workers at risk.

Here are some of the benefits of a crash truck attenuator:

  • They are designed to protect your workforce while they perform their duties.
  • They can withstand low- and high-impact speed crashes without risking your workers’ lives.
  • They have shatterproof arrow boards and lights to redirect traffic.
  • They are user-friendly and easy to maneuver and configure.

Depending on your needs, you can find high-quality crash attenuator trucks for sale or rent. However, we recommend renting one of these machines if you will only use it for specific projects throughout the year.

Renting these machines can also help you avoid the necessary maintenance it needs to remain in perfect condition.

How Does Truck-Mounted Attenuator (TMA) Work?

Truck-mounted attenuators (TMA) were invented because of the number of road accidents that happened to workers maintaining the roads. The trucks were designed with kinetic absorption devices to prevent further accidents, meaning that they absorb the energy of a speed crash.

An attenuator truck will keep both vehicles safe, meaning it can save more than just the lives of your workers. Because of this incredible feature, TMAs are used in most road maintenance scenarios.

But these trucks are not only designed to absorb the impact of a crash. They can also prevent accidents by helping drivers notice them and giving them time to avoid them. For this purpose, the trucks use powerful lights and arrow boards, signaling drivers that workers are nearby.

Providing better visibility for wayward drivers is one of the best ways to ensure road safety for everyone involved. These trucks can redirect traffic safely as much as needed through lights and arrow boards.

Find the Most Modern and Reliable Crash Truck Attenuators at Star Cleaning USA

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