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New Braunfels, Texas, is a fast-growing suburb of San Antonio that is home to around 100,000 people. Like all busy cities, New Braunfels needs help in keeping its publicly accessible areas clean, as roads, parking lots, and other well-traveled places collect all kinds of dirt and trash on an ongoing basis. That’s where Star Cleaning USA comes in. We’re the largest street sweeping company active in Texas today.

Our street cleaners in New Braunfels, TX are highly experienced in operating high-quality equipment that quickly and efficiently remove debris from roads and other surfaces. This procedure helps clear away pollutants that can speed up road deterioration and create a safety hazard for motor vehicles. Routine cleanup also helps to maintain an attractive property for visitors.

street cleaners truck in new Braunfels

Services available from Star Cleaning USA include:

  • Street sweeping – We maintain a GPS-equipped fleet of sweepers capable of quickly picking up debris that can endanger motorists and cyclists passing through.
  • Highway sweeping service – We have a variety of mechanical and vacuum sweepers that clear off high-traffic roads in compliance with government regulations.
  • Parking lot cleaning – Not only can we clear away trash and debris, our New Braunfels, TX parking lot cleaners can also replace garbage bag liners and perform a thorough power washing of the premises.
  • Construction site cleaning service – Debris on a construction site poses a hazard to workers, so our cleaning service is available both during and after your project.
  • Special event cleanup – Concerts and similar occasions usually result in a large amount of trash, but you can trust our experienced team for rapid event cleanup in New Braunfels, TX.

We also rent crash attenuator trucks that are engineered to protect road cleanup crews exposed to passing motor traffic.

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With more than two decades’ experience in sweeping roads, highways, and parking lots, Star Cleaning USA is the partner you need for quick, reliable cleanup in New Braunfels. We serve municipalities as well as private businesses.

You can reach us toll-free at 866-454-1739. We are on call 24 hours. If you need help in determining the kinds of services best suited for your site, ask for a complimentary professional needs assessment.