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Star Cleaning USA Offers Complete Sweeper Repair Services


Our repair technicians have been repairing sweepers for many years and are at the top of their craft. We not only repair sweepers belonging to our own fleet; through the years, our tech team’s reputation has spread. Today, we repair sweepers for a number of company’s and municipalities surrounding our Pembroke Pines, Florida, location.

Although we specialize in repair of Elgin and Schwarze brand sweepers, through the years we have worked on virtually all types of sweeping equipment. If you are tired of taking your sweeper to a ‘regular mechanic’ for repairs – over and over – then it’s time you see what our dedicated, professional, highly trained sweeper technicians can do.

We can provide references from satisfied clients throughout the area. Whether you’d like to quit on your own sweepers; are a municipality that has overflow work or would like to get out of the repair business; or, some other situation necessitates having your sweepers repaired by a professional, please give us a call. Our rates are more than competitive and we guarantee the quality of our work.

To learn more about the many benefits of having Star Cleaning USA as your power sweeper repair facility, send us an email: or give us a call at 954.680.STAR (7827); or, Toll-Free at 866-793-3727.