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Milling Sweeping: One of Power Sweeping’s Most Demanding Applications

EagleDumpTruck#2_250w_1344Power sweepers are one of the most critical machines on a milling job. If a sweeper breaks down or fails to do its job well, the entire operation can be shut down. That’s why it is so critical to have an experienced operator — backed by an experienced company with top-of-the-line sweepers — for all milling jobs.

Star Cleaning USA is a professional, responsive, company.

When you choose Star Cleaning USA for your milling operation cleanup, you can count on us handling all aspects of the job at hand in a completely professional manner. We typically sweep millings with late-model Elgin Eagle, mechanical broom, sweepers. These are built to take the pounding that occurs during milling cleanup. Air sweepers are available in the event they are needed, as well. Plus, you will find that our operators are well-trained and experienced at the job.

Our standard milling sweeping includes:

  • on-time arrival to the job ready to go to work,
  • correct sweeper provided for the given scope of work,
  • experienced, well-trained operators,
  • all personnel in uniform and with positive attitudes,
  • up-to-date sweepers that are serviced and capable,
We also offer:

  • attenuator trucks with up to 1,000 gallons of extra water,
  • dump trucks,
  • DOT or similar signage as per requirements,
  • choice of air- or broom-based sweepers,
  • other equipment (backhoes, loaders, etc.) by request.

In most instances, we have a backup sweeper available for immediate service in the event of a breakdown. At Star Cleaning USA you won’t hear excuses about us not being able to sweep when we’re scheduled. In the rare event that one of our well-maintained sweepers breaks down, we always have backup machines available along with personnel available to deliver them to the jobsite asap. These machines also allow us to have a quick reaction time for accident cleanup, emergency spills, etc.

These are just some of the many reasons you can count on Star Cleaning USA for your milling support operation.