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Have abandoned property on your site? No problem!

FlickrAbandonedSofaCouches; refrigerators; overstuffed chairs… These days many commercial properties are literally a magnet for dropped off items. Like it or not, sooner or later they’ll show up.

Our parking area sweeper operators are often the first to spot these derelicts on their night sweeping routes. When they do, we let our clients know what’s there, typically by taking a picture of the item(s). Then, with your approval, we’ll remove the items for you and transport them to a correct disposal location. No muss, no fuss, and little expense.

Not currently a client?

Whether you are already a Star Cleaning USA client or not, we’re ready to help! When you discover any types of large items that have been abandoned on your property, give us a call for quick action on getting them removed. Depending upon the situation, we can prioritize removal to minimize any disruption to customers and/or employees.

Call us for your hauling needs of all kinds.

DumpTrucksStarStar Cleaning USA has a fleet of dump trucks that are available for all types of hauling needs. We routinely utilize them for hauling rock, land-clearing debris, millings, bulk items and more. Our operators are extensively trained and you can count on us to dispose of all collected material in an authorized and legal fashion, to ensure you never have complications owing to debris disposal.

Whatever your hauling needs, contact Star Cleaning USA for a free professional assessment. You will be glad you did!