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Potholes are both dangerous and unsightly.

bigstockphoto_pothole_badThe longer you let asphalt problems deteriorate, the more expensive are the eventual repairs. Plus, anytime there are potholes and uneven surfaces, your company is open to liability issues from customers and employees who may slip and fall.

Star Cleaning USA has the equipment and personnel needed to effect asphalt repairs quickly and efficiently.

If you are a customer for our parking lot sweeping services, our operators are trained to let us know whenever there are problems with the pavement where they’re operating.

bigstockphoto_pothole_fixedOur operators typically take digital photos of any repairs needed and then we forward them to our clients’ attention. Once authorized, we will prioritize sending out a repair crew so as to minimize your liability. By fixing asphalt issues proactively, you also keep the cost to a minimum.

Whether you are a current client of Star Cleaning USA or not, we invite you to contact us for a professional assessment of your pavement surface. Our trained professionals will be able to provide you with a thorough evaluation, which will include our recommendations for a repair schedule, estimated pricing and more.